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CMC is a classic inspired by the future

The spirit of the CMC brand is to combine the elegance and measurement of time, typical of the Florentine Renaissance period, with the history and traditions of watchmaking techniques that have always been a central part of the capital city of Tuscany.

As established watch enthusiasts and collectors, our dream has become reality – we have created a brand which will appeal to those who have a passion for mechanics and good taste for the balance of shapes.

The dominant characteristic of each of our projects is high quality – in each and every piece, in each and every detail, without compromise. Our vision is to draw from elements of the past, with a vision and style which looks to the future.

Our desire is to create and produce watches which are elegant yet sporty. Each model will be produced in small batches or as Limited Editions. We want to mark our time with our personality, our vision and our intrepidity.