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Timeless quality

Our mission is to produce elegant sports watches. CMC timepieces are and will always be characterized by the fact that each and every part is fully designed by us; nothing is and will ever be supplied.

The mind: the conception and design are made in Italy, the cradle of creativity and high quality, which will allow us to provide you with a unique product of absolute excellence.

The heart: the assembly and construction quality are Swiss.

We wanted to combine the best of these two realities: the creativity, history and design from Florentine Italy, which we have blended with the precision, care and quality which are symbolic of Switzerland.

Our brand will be recognized as being exclusive timepieces with high quality mechanical constructions, materials and refined finishes.

Customers who already own CMC watches will have first refusal to purchase our new designs. A tracking process will be activated with targeted pre-sale campaigns via e-mail, allowing our customers to register on our website to reserve a new timepiece using a serial number, card, photo and/or QR code.