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R&D, Design, Planning

The union between contemporary and traditional watchmaking represents an interesting challenge in the world of watch design. With this approach, CMC aims to create a unique and distinctive aesthetic that is able to combine the fine craftsmanship of traditional watchmaking techniques with a touch of innovation and modernity.

The design of CMC watches aims to embody this philosophy. The main objective is to create an original and identifying style that can distinguish our product in the panorama of contemporary watch brands. Our distinctive style will not only capture the essence of watchmaking traditions, but will reinterpret them in a unique, original and elegant way. Our ambition, as passionate lovers and collectors of watches, is not to invent something new but to express our different interpretation of time.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this approach is the fusion of materials and design.

A journey of research and study has been undertaken to create a union between traditional and modern materials, reflected in the use of high-precision mechanical movements coupled with cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing maximum precision and reliability.

The search for this balance between tradition and contemporaneity also extends to the creation of dials and indices, where the design draws on iconic elements of classic watchmaking and reinterprets them with a modern feel. This creative process has led to the creation of watches that are not simply tools for measuring time, but true pieces of art that tell a story of craftsmanship and innovation.

Our watches not only represent the fusion of past and present, but are also a testament to the craftsmanship and creative vision of the designers who seek to bring to life timepieces that we hope will be admired and appreciated for generations to come.