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CMC the first microbrand with a story!

Florentine by birth, and a former member of the wrist and pocket watch department of Pandolfini Casa d’Aste, Giulio Cianchi graduated in Economics from the Catholic University of Milan. Watches have always been a family passion, and his thesis on the collectible watch market allowed him to get much closer to this world, getting to know its characteristics and facets in depth. A founding member of CMC, he has invested heavily in the project, convinced that the history of creativity and elegance of Florentine and Italian watchmaking is a value to be preserved and passed down through future generations.

“We are temporary custodians of Time.”

Andrea Manservigi, who has a PHD from the University of Pisa in History of Science, has always been fascinated by time – be it physical, philosophical or simply a measurement. Passionate about mechanical watches, he is an amateur collector who lives alongside some real giants on a global level. Indeed, Florence is not only the birthplace of the Renaissance but is also the birthplace of Italian watchmaking, where modern watchmaking has its roots and where the most important contemporary watch collector lives today. A self-declared dreamer, it is thanks to him that the CMC team was created. To sum it up, he is the Soul of the project.

“Like a fish ignores the ocean, man in time” Issa Kobayashi

Claudio Cassinelli, who graduated in architecture from the University of Florence, has always been passionate about design and art and has been in contact with the world of watchmaking from an early age. His mother Cristina, also an architect, designed watches and his father Paolo created a watch brand with the evocative name of Stradivari 1715. At CMC he deals with everything relating to design and attention to detail. Thanks to his background, the company is able to demonstrate that it has a solid work base as well as highly distinctive aesthetic standards.

“To make watches you don’t have to have all the wheels in place”

Alexandra Ioana Tincu, a graduate student at the University of Florence, has always been passionate about jewelry and watches and today is an influencer with tens of thousands of followers. In her role as social media manager, she deals with all aspects of communications for the CMC brand, including public relations, advertising campaigns and managing the social networks.

“All time is lost that is not spent in love” Torquato Tasso